Are England and Wales Safe for Tourists?

When it comes to personal safety, England and Wales are generally safe places for tourists. As with our guide to whether or not Scotland is safe for tourists, we want to reassure you that you can likely take the same precautions you take at home in order to feel comfortable and safe during your visit to England and Wales.

If you’re planning a road trip through England and Wales, that’s where we come in! Not only do we help tourists craft the perfect road trip itineraries in Ireland and the UK, but we also offer safety tips and advice to ensure everyone enjoys their holidays.

If you’re keen on exploring more, let’s craft a custom self-drive tour in the UK so you can experience all the wonders of these countries without any of the planning stress.

As you start planning, here are our local insights into whether or not England and Wales are safe for tourists…

Is England safe for tourists?

The short answer is: yes, of course England is safe for tourists. In fact, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world, so you’ll be in good company! 

Whilst most tourists spend their time almost exclusively in London, there is so much to see and enjoy in England once you leave the capital city behind. London is probably where tourists will need to take the most precautions in terms of basic safety around petty theft and knowing safe places to avoid after dark.

But London is not all there is to see in England!

We highly recommend you consider a self-drive trip around England to enjoy the wonderful countryside that’s played such an important role in famous works of literature and art over the centuries.

There are also an astonishing number of castles and large estates that you can visit to see how the wealthy aristocracy lived and continues to live in England. These are far more frequent outside of London.

And, of course, there are beautiful natural wonders to explore in England as well! While there are few natural disasters to fear in England, it’s worth noting that weather patterns here can result in flooding on occasion, and coastal areas can experience intense winds as well. 

The Met Office is your best resource for monitoring any weather conditions during your visit.

All of these places in England can be safely visited without much additional planning or preventative measures to be taken, beyond the standard basics you would apply at home as well.

Is Wales safe for tourists?

While not as popular as England on the international level, Wales is certainly a popular tourist destination in its own right and enjoys an incredibly high standard of safety for residents and visitors alike.

As with England, you should get out and explore the stunning natural beauty of Wales – it is truly jaw-droppingly gorgeous! 

The biggest hazards for most tourists lie in the winding roads and narrow lanes of Wales, but even those are easily manageable with a bit of patience and practiced confidence. 

We have some specific driving tips below to help you navigate with confidence!

Safety Tips for Solo Travellers

While both England and Wales are, overall, very safe destinations for tourists, there are a few extra safety tips we wanted to impart for any of you solo travellers. 

If you’re visiting London, be sure to watch your bag/purse/wallet at all times, and ensure you take extra care at night. London is a massive city with a huge population, so it is impossible to say that everywhere is perfectly safe. 

You can rest assured that the city is, in large part, safe for solo travellers. Just take your usual precautions as you do back home.

Beyond London, you’ll want to consider the quiet countryside areas and small villages for a truly picturesque England and Wales trip. Just note that these quieter parts will not have the same busy buzz as London after dark, so take care to note the people and places around you.

Stay Safe Whilst Driving in England and Wales

Perhaps the biggest safety concern for tourists in England and Wales is in regards to driving and transportation. 

While the main motorways are expansive and in good condition, much of the enticing part of UK travel is away from the main road and into the beautiful countryside. That means narrow, winding country roads that can certainly cause some trepidation – especially for our American visitors!

When it comes to driving, the rules are different in the UK than they are in other countries in Europe. And, of course, in England and Wales, you’ll be driving on the left-hand side of the road!

In any case, there’s truly no cause for concern. Driving in England and Wales is very easy and you’ll quickly get the hang of driving on the left and going round roundabouts quite regularly. 

One thing to take note of is that speed limits are set in miles per hour, despite the fact that distances are typically measured in kilometres in the UK. It’s confusing, but using mph is at least easier for American drivers!

Also note that it is illegal to have your phone in your hands while driving in the UK – even if you’re stopped in traffic or at a stoplight.

There are also strict drink driving laws in the UK, so take advantage of the wide variety of alcohol-free options when you stop for lunch during your road trip and save the rest for the evenings when you’ve parked up for the night.

If you’re ready to plan a self-drive road trip in Ireland and/or the UK, then get in touch and let the experts at Bye By Car craft the perfect itinerary for you!

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