What is Fly & Drive

No two Fly & Drive trips are the same which means your next trip could be unique. You decide when and where you travel, how many days you can get away and which cities or regions you want to visit. Forget organised trips with large groups when you yearn for some private space. With Bye by Car, the nature of your next trip will be marked by you. Break the rules and discover the advantages of Fly & Drive trips.

After more than 10 years experience of organising Fly & Drive trips at Bye by Car, we have become aware that this exciting way of travelling is both innovative and appealing to everyone.

Fly and drive

The main features of Fly & Drive trips are…


Not all travellers are interested in the standard trips or travel patterns. The wishes and desires of each person vary. From the outset at Bye by Car we have customised trips to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly and meets all your desires. As no two travellers are alike, it is impossible to design two identical trips. Our custom itineraries are the best example of creating a unique and personal holiday especially for you.

Freedom and autonomy.

Nothing is written, you decide how you prefer to organise each stage of your trip. You can organise your time with total freedom and independence. From stopping to take a walk in the beautiful countryside or to take some pictures before you reach your next destination, you have full control to organise each day of your trip.

Attention in your own language before, during and after the trip..

The Bye by Car team will be by your side during all stages of the trip. Our professionals will help you prepare the itinerary and on your arrival, we will be available to to resolve any doubt or unforeseen event that may arise. Thanks to being on the ground we can offer you the best solutions at anytime.

Trips in family, in couple or with friends.

Every year we are fortunate to organise holidays for a variety of clients. From honeymoon trips to family trips, Regardless of the size of your group or the age of the travellers, Bye by Car will organise a trip and book the type of vehicle that best suits your needs. The goal is to ensure maximum comfort for the entire journey.

Fly & drive trips are all this and much more. If you want to discover the real British Isles then a Fly & Drive trip is the one for you and Bye by Car would be happy to help you plan your next adventure.

So what is there to wait for? Take to the road with a rental car and explore our dreamland at your own pace. Bye by Car can also organise a combined trip between Scotland, Ireland and England.

And you, still do not know what kind of trip to choose?